Activism and mentorship

Bike shop music video for the Climate Ride

The Climate Ride is a charity bike ride to raise money for non-profit organizations working in area such as environmental conservation, public transit advocacy, and climate change mitigation. In 2013 and 2015, I rode for 325 miles along the California coast to raise money through the Climate Ride, and I have raised over $10,000. In 2013, I filmed a music video in support of my fundraising efforts which is linked below. It is a parody of the famous Macklemore pop song "Thrift Shop" and is all about bicycles and climate activism. Thanks to the video, I was able to raise a lot of money and earned an award from Climate Ride for the highest number of individual donations to my campaign.

Graduate student instructor for energy survey course

"He who teaches learns twice."

For two separate fall semesters, I was a graduate student instructor for the Energy and Society course at UC Berkeley, a survey course on energy taken by a couple hundred undergraduate and graduate students. Through teaching the subject matter (after I took it during my first year of graduate school), I felt that I was able to obtain an even higher level of understanding. 

Teaching was a very rewarding activity for me, especially for such important subject material. In addition to explaining the difference between a power plant's thermal efficiency and its capacity factor, I also had the opportunity to mentor students with professional advice and given them guidance on internships, research, and other opportunities in the energy sector. I believe that mentorship within the clean energy sector is critical for building momentum and progress within the industry. 

Organizer of Cleanweb Berkeley community and hackathons

Cleanweb is a term currently used to describe the use of software, data, and information technology solutions to solve energy and resource problems. In 2012, I participated in my first ever "cleanweb" hackathon, and quickly grasped the potential that software could have in increasing the deployment of clean energy, energy efficiency, and other environmental solutions. Now that the costs of solar, wind, storage, and energy efficient technologies have fallen, the Cleanweb sector can help to deploy these technologies more rapidly. I established a Cleanweb community at Berkeley (link) and through that community a number of hackathons have been held on campus and a number of startups have emerged as a result, including Thermostatly, WattTime, and SolFox. For more information on the Cleanweb hackathons and community at Berkeley, follow these links.

Hackathon 2013      Hackathon 2014      Hackathon 2015

Big brother - mentor and friend for youth

Since 2012, I have been involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area, acting as a big brother. My little brother Akabar and I were matched when he was initially in 8th grade and now he is a rising senior in high school.

I strongly believe in the importance of mentorship and friendship programs like this as an important part of a vibrant and resilient community. Right now, in the Bay Area, there are 800 little brothers on the list, waiting to be matched with a big brother mentor. For more information on becoming a big brother or big sister, you may contact me or find more information here at