Data analysis

China Energy Databook - Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

I was the lead editor for the 8th edition of the China Energy Databook, a comprehensive data collection effort on Chinese energy production and consumption with over 140,000 data points. You can read more about the databook project on the Berkeley Lab website at this link or download the databook here.

Following the release of the 8th edition of the databook, a small team of China Energy Group researchers published a paper in the journal Science regarding the accounting methods China uses to report progress on their non-fossil energy target. This paper has major implications for reporting progress (for China and many other nations) towards commitments under the Paris Climate Accord. You can find a copy of the paper at this link.

Expanding skillsets in data analysis and data science

I am currently pursuing a data science and R certificate on Coursera, which is a 10-month course sequence. Building on skills gained in my econometrics courses in graduate school, I hope this certificate will help build my data analysis and program evaluation skills. Stay tuned to this space for more details in the coming months. By the way, for learning R, I highly recommend the Swirl package once you have R installed.